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ACE your Time Chrome Extension

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ACE your Time Chrome Extension -

Streamlining Your Google Calendar


Introducing ACE your Time Chrome Extension, a revolutionary Chrome extension that transforms the way you use Google Calendar for scheduling. With a focus on our signature "ACE my Time" concept (Appointments, Activities, Assignments, Chill time and Extra time), our extension introduces an innovative feature: the integration of the 'Extras' directly into your event planning. Say goodbye to the hassle of separately managing the often overlooked yet essential components of your schedule like travel time, preparation, activities running late, putting materials away, and so on.


Seamless Integration with Google Calendar:


ACE your Time Chrome Extension seamlessly integrates with your Google Calendar, enhancing its functionality without complicating your routine. Plan any event – be it a meeting, a class, or a personal activity – and effortlessly include the essential 'Extras' that surround it: time to park the car, stop at your locker, walk to class etc. or after an event to drive home, put away materials, mentally and physically shift gears, etc.


Effortless Management of 'Extras':


Automatic Inclusion of Extra Time: When you schedule an event, ACE your Time Chrome Extension prompts you to add 'Extras' before and after the event. This includes travel time, preparation, and winding down, ensuring you have a realistic view of your time commitment.


Dynamic Adjustment: If an event's time or date changes, the 'Extras' automatically adjust accordingly. No more manually deleting, moving, or re-entering each associated activity – ACE your Time Chrome Extension handles it all.


Realistic Time Visualization: Get a clear, realistic perspective on how much time an event and its associated activities will actually take. This helps in better time management and reduces the risk of overbooking or underestimating your schedule.


Tailored to Your Needs:


Customizable 'Extras': Choose from a range of 'Extras' based on your needs – travel time, parking, transition periods, and more. ACE your Time Chrome Extension flexibility allows you to tailor your schedule precisely to your needs.


User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the extension is intuitive and easy to use, integrating smoothly into your existing Google Calendar experience.


Your Personal Time Management Assistant:


With ACE your Time Chrome Extension, experience a new level of control over your schedule. Ideal for students, professionals, or anyone seeking a more efficient way to manage their time, this extension is more than just a tool – it's your personal assistant in time management.


Install ACE your Time Chrome Extension today and redefine the way you plan your day, making every minute count!

The 360 Thinking Time Tracker Extension and ios App

Task planning timer apps for our 360 Thinking Executive Function clinical model.

See time passing.

The timer shows time to get ready, to do the work, and to 'get done' /wrap up the work. You can create time markers to show when to start and what you will need, your midpoint goal and end goal. There is a single tone to indicate get ready, 2 tones to indicate you are at the midpoint, and 3 ascending tones to indicate you are at the stop point. As time passes the primary color becomes more translucent to show that time has passed. This allows the individual to look back and reflect on how they used the time they planned to compare planned vs actual use of time. At the start of the allocated time block, a pop-up box will display the steps of the task you outlined to occur during this time block. When you are working on the internet you have the option of hiding the clock or showing the clock so that as you work you can be tracking the passage of time and compare actual work to the planned time.

How to Use the Extension

360 Thinking Time Tracker ios App

The 360 Thinking™ Get Ready*Do*Done Timer is an instructional timer app specifically designed for supporting students’ executive function skill development. It is based on the innovative clinical model of executive functioning skills known as 360 Thinking™. By using the app, students will have the opportunity to nurture their situational awareness, develop forethought of an end result, and organize resource materials, time, and actions to complete a future task.


The 360 Thinking™ Get Ready*Do*Done Timer is user-friendly and works on simple methodology. The app allows its users to create a time marker to get ready for work, a time marker to check in during the work, and a marker when the work is planned to end. There are tones activated when the time reaches each marker:

• There is a single tone to indicate time to get ready,

• There are two tones to indicate that the user is at the midpoint of the work

• There are three ascending tones to indicate that the user is at the stop point of the work.

• As time passes the primary color becomes more luminous to show that time has passed.


The timer app allows the user to look back and assess the productivity of the time they have spent so far! In fact, with the help of the app, the users can compare the planned vs. actual use of time. A table displays to the left of the clock interface to show the user the original plan for ready comparison.

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