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Parent Consultation Services

Parent consultation services are offered to parents and caregivers within single sessions, or a series of sessions. Education around executive function skills and our 360 Thinking Program are provided. Innovative tools, resources and strategies that can be used at home and the community to improve executive function challenges in children are shared. Executive function challenges may include difficulties managing homework and projects, daily routines, following directions, carrying out daily tasks and managing personal spaces and materials. Continual feedback and training can be provided for parents who are seeking ongoing support and guidance in using strategies and tools.


Individual Parenting Consultations

Whether you need somebody to guide you through ways to support your child at home, advocate for your child in school, or a wide range of resources/referrals available, we are here to help. Our individual consultations allow us to work with you to provide practical recommendations and ensure you successfully meet the challenges you are looking to address. We have decades of experience in helping support parents and families. A single session consultation or additional sessions can be arranged.  Parent consultations are less often traditional therapy sessions; rather, they are intended to help parents better understand executive function challenges, and give you information and strategies to address the problem at school, home, or within the community.  To prepare for our meeting, we will ask you to complete intake paperwork and share with us other necessary documentation about your child. These meetings are the perfect place to bring up any concerns, discuss progress and goals, and talk about parenting wins and challenges. 


Education Plans and School Recommendations

Consultations for supporting students at school are also provided as needed. Previous educational, neuropsychological and speech-language evaluations, progress summaries, 504 educational plans and/or Individualized Education Plans can be reviewed with you so that a plan for next steps for your child can be provided.   Sometimes it helps to have the child observed in the classroom.  An observation can help parents decide whether an evaluation would be helpful, and what strategies can work at home and at school to help the child function better in the classroom.

Let's Work Together

Would you like to to learn more or talk to a clinician about parent coaching or treatment services? 

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