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Executive Functioning

in Adults

Executive function skills are critical to managing everyday life, short and long-term goals at achool, work or home. Adults can struggle with motivation, planning, organizing, prioritizing, strategizing, and analyzing tasks.   It can be difficult to initiate and complete tasks within expected time frames.  Identifying and addressing the symptoms of executive dysfunction can help adults learn strategies and improve their personal and professional effectiveness.



Comprehensive evaluations, supplemental testing, observations, screenings, and/or evaluation reviews are provided for adults depending on their individual needs.  Results of test findings inform comprehensive treatment plans and recommendations for tools, accommodations, and strategies to address attention, organization, planning, and time management skills.



Executive function skills continue to develop well into the adult years. In fact, the area of the brain responsible for the executive function skills is the last part of the brain to mature and the executive function skills typically are not fully developed until the mid 20's.  These skills are developed through the college years and into young adulthood, accounting for why that transition to independence from home to a college dorm or apartment challenging for some. Areas of challenge for adults with executive function difficulties may include:

-having a short attention span and being prone to distraction

-general forgetfulness or short term memory issues

-being easily drawn off-task and shifting between activities

-difficulty organizing, completing, or focusing on tasks

-staying organized in daily life

-trouble prioritizing, focusing, or choosing the most important task, and/or making decisions about tasks and responsibilities

-difficulty making plans and/or breaking down and managing big projects

-challenges in developing systems for organizing papers, materials, or belongings 

-losing important possessions such as keys, wallet, paperwork, etc.

-trouble following through on plans

-trouble with time management and feeling the amount of time that has passed

-under or overestimating the amount of time that is necessary to complete  a task

-trouble motivating to start a task and a tendency towards procrastination

-losing track of time and completing tasks in a timely fashion to meet deadlines

-challenges creating and sticking to timelines for completing tasks

-not being on time; rushing and still being late

-forgetting to complete tasks 

-following through on all the part of a multi-step task

-difficulties choosing, using, and following a schedule

-trying to do too many tasks at one time; spending too much time on tasks that do not have much importance

-difficulty self-monitoring actions, progress, and emotions

-flexibly adjusting for changes when needed to carry out a task

-having to re-read when you read because you can't remember what you read

-difficulties with writing for school or work tasks such as emails, proposals, descriptions, etc.

-challenges finding a work-life balance



We offer comprehensive treatment and coaching to adults with executive function challenges.  Strategies can help individuals make significant improvements in organization, planning, and time management skills to feel more successful, efficient, and accomplished at college, work, or home. 

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