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Hi! I am Amy- I love helping students gain confidence in their academic lives by helping them understand how they learn and what they need to do to improve their executive function skills. I am also a reading specialist who loves to work with students who need help with decoding and comprehension. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and am passionate about helping students in need. 

My Story

Amy Annable, M.Ed. is a dynamic special educator who brings 25+ years of teaching experiences to Cognitive Connections. She has worked in several independent schools in New England where she has designed, implemented and trained executive functioning, writing and reading intervention programs for whole class, small group, and individuals. She has a Masters in Reading and Language from the University of Massachusetts. Amy is a specialist in pediatric and adolescent:

Language-Based Learning Disabilities




Reading Comprehension

Written Expression

Executive Functioning

Study Skills

Amy's work at Cognitive Connections has focused on developing students' attention, organization, planning, time awareness, project management, writing, and other executive function issues in individual and group training programs for students elementary through college. Amy has developed and implemented executive function-based groups and individual therapy sessions using our 360 Thinking Program in the schools and in our center in order to help students become more independent learners.  Amy is trained in the following reading programs: Wilson Fundations, Orton Gillingham, Lively Letters, Rave-O, LiPS, and Visualizing and Verbalizing. The is also trained in several writing programs including Project Read’s Framing your Thoughts and the Landmark Writing Method.  Her wealth of literacy training and executive function training enables her to target the appropriate reading and writing interventions for her students. In her personal time, Amy enjoys hiking, biking, swimming and spending time with her husband, daughter, and dogs.


 Let's connect.

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