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Get Ready * Do*Done 

Use our signature executive function planning model to assess and teach students the components and process of envisioning their “Done” goal, the temporal-sequential steps to “Do” and the organization of resources to “Get Ready”.


Our Tools

We have many products to help you teach students the process of how to plan backwards to execute forwards! Did you know our signature program is built into our academic planners? Check out our planning pads and white board strips!  Learn more...


Try a Virtual Background

Are you working with students in a remote learning environment? Would you like to help students view their assignments and visually plan? Try our Get Ready * Do *Done virtual background!




Want to learn more? This article reviews the research behind our model and provides practical steps for implementation in the clinic, school, and home settings.



Our 360 Thinking Program and Get Ready * Do * Done method is internationally used in more than 1600 schools.  Worldwide, therapists have implemented this approach to planning with measurable gains in task initiation and completion, self-regulation, working memory, and problem-solving. View our gallery...




GDD crafts.png

Crafts and DIY tasks are terrific for teaching students how to Plan Backwards to Execute Forwards and offer a break from academic work.  Click here to learn more and find amazing resources for craft ideas!

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