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Consultations are provided for training educational professionals of all grade levels in public and independent school settings with a 360 Thinking expert remotely or on-site. Training sessions focus on learning modules that are completely customized to your needs with the goal of developing executive function-based learning environments for all students. Modules typically include sessions with models, hands-on practice, and discussions on topics such as improving students' attention and time management, task initiation, following directions, planning tasks and assignments, academic skills such as writing, and self-regulation at school. Additional training is offered on the specific development and implementation of executive function goals in IEPs, as well as how to support executive function skills without IEP support. Consultations with administrators may focus on, but are not limited to, post-training follow-up, approaches for implementing the 360 Thinking program in specific educational settings, developing specific programs, expanding implementation into the school/district-wide, difficult cases, and incorporating parent education. Consultation packages for implementation throughout the course of a school year, or calendar year, to develop a sustainable implementation plan are available

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