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Study and Academic Learning Skills


Executive Function and Test Preparation

Preparing for quizzes and tests is challenging for students who are learning to develop the time awareness and organization skills needed to support planning. We utilize our 360 Thinking approach to teach students to plan and carry out various test preparation strategies. Use this test review form to assess prior test performance and develop a plan for preparing for future quizzes and or tests.  Check out this test review form too! If your students need to memorize terms or concepts try this tool,  or Quizlet is great for flashcards.  High school and college students may also want to check out Brainscape.  This website covers it all...from creating a study environment to decreasing text anxiety. Check it out!


Executive Function and Research

If you are doing research and need to really streamline your search terms, try using the Boolean Search Term Creator! This helps you to narrow or broaden the focus of a search.


Executive Function and Reading Comprehension

Executive function challenges can interfere with reading comprehension as students struggle to maintain attention for engaged, active reading, formulate informational gestalts, make inferences, and organize details. We have some favorite strategies that we incorporate into our 360 Thinking program. Need to summarize a section of a book or a book chapter? Use this summary tool!  The R.A.P. Strategy is a helpful approach for active reading and paraphrasing. Organizational tools, such as Popplet and Inspiration, are a few of the many great online resources that can also be helpful when learning to organize fiction or non-fiction information.  Reading a pdf and need to annotate it?  If you are a Windows user check out Drawboard pdf.


Executive Function and Writing

Need help initiating the writing process? Try the 'tables to text' approach to writing an essay.  Use this template to get you started and these instructions to form the paragraphs.

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