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Get Ready * Do*Done 

Crafts and DIY tasks are terrific for teaching students how to Plan Backwards to Execute Forwards and offer a break from academic work.  Use the Get Ready * Do * Done (Get Done) method to help students:

*Start with the end in mind and visualize their 'Done' goal

*Identify, gesture and sequence the steps to 'Do' the task

*Determine the materials they need to 'Get Ready' and anticipate obstacles

*Plan their available time

*'Get Done' and close out the task and clean up their space

Craft Ideas and Resources

Terrific Books and Apps

For Cooking:  Photo Cookbook App

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids: 100+ Fun STEM / STEAM Projects and Why They Work

Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids: 50+ STEAM Projects and Why They Work

STEAM Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Hands-On Projects for Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Star Wars Maker Lab: 20 Craft and Science Projects

Awesome Craft Stick Science  Use craft sticks to perform cool experiments and create fun science-related projects

Build It: Invent New Structures and Contraptions (Invent It) Another personal favorite this book has so many clever ideas for crafts! Are you ready to build a contraption?

Don't throw out your cardboard boxes and tubes! Make some awesome projects instead! Cool Cardboard Projects You Can Create (Imagine It, Build It)

A companion to the Sleepover Girls book series by Jen Jones, the Sleepover Girls Crafts Books have fantastic crafts with high appeal to tweens.


Instructables: Has step-by-step projects for crafts, cooking, circuits, workshops, outside and the classroom.

DIY Pet toys can be really motivating crafts for students with pets!

Babble Dabble Do This website has hundreds of really creative, motivating,  projects for kids. A personal favorite of ours!

PBS has a large collection of projects that appeal to tweens and teens. For younger learners use the PBS activity finder!

The Fun Family Crafts website is full of really fun, easy, and relatively quick crafts! Great for therapy sessions when you have limited time but want to teach the planning process.

Recycle! Turn your recyclable materials into interesting crafts! Check out the Glad Recycling Crafts for Kids website!

Turn paper into toys! Check out these creative paper crafts!

Great ideas for crafts, sensory regulation and executive function! 

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